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It makes historic investments in literacy, mental health, broadband and public safety. It also cuts the taxes on the retail sale of prepared food for restaurants during the same time period. By doing so, it will ensure that the lowest paid teachers within Tennessee will receive the raises. Teacher Shortages — Legislation which will help address teacher shortages was passed by the General Assembly this year by simplifying the teacher licensure process. It provides aid to teachers who are moving into Tennessee to receive an appropriate teachinghelping qualified teachers get into classrooms quicker.

The measure provides additional flexibility at the local level. The Board of Education will create a process by which school districts may administer training programs for endorsements without having to enroll in higher education. Individuals will still be expected to pass an assessment to ensure they are qualified. Textbook Transparency Act — The Textbook Transparency Act was adopted in to ensure that all textbooks in the hands of Tennessee students are accessible to the public to view.

It makes available online textbooks that are adopted by the state of Tennessee and used by public schools. Compared to the day timeframe textbooks are currently required to be available to the public. This new statute requires publishers to make these materials available so long as they are actively being used in the classroom. It creates a Class A misdemeanor offense for communicating a threat to commit an act of mass violence on school property or at a school-related activity and a Class B misdemeanor if a person with knowledge fails to report it.

A sentencing court may require a person sentenced for either offense to pay restitution for the destruction of normal activities. It also allows a court to order held for threatening mass violence on a school to undergo a mental health evaluation. The new law creates standards and metrics for student athlete safety in a program that has been recognized as one of the most comprehensive health and safety programs in the United States for K athletics.

It will give students more information regarding higher education cost options, in addition to expected wages in occupations they are considering. Under law, homeschool students could not qualify for HOPE Scholarships through their GPA score, unlike their public and accredited private school counterparts.

Instead, they solely relied on their ACT scores for eligibility. The new law solves this discrepancy by extending aid to homeschool students who both complete six credit hours of dual-enrollment and maintain at least a 3. Additionally, the legislation removes the requirement that a student must have been enrolled in a home school for one year immediately preceding the completion of their high school level education.

This legislation comes after the horrific deaths of two Roane County children. Authorities believe the children were buried several years before discovery. They were also locked in a basement and caged in isolation. The adoptive parents continued receiving financial benefits for both children after their death. The new law also authorizes DCS to initiate a face-to-face visit if the adoptive parent fails to provide the documentation and foul play might be suspected. The purpose is to develop a strategic plan to address the current challenges of providing and accessing high-quality affordable child care.

The group will look at ways to build public and private partnerships to streamline coordination of state departments to find solutions to these challenges. This system provides the mechanisms for conducting quality assessment of child care providers, the child care report card system, and the child care rated licensing systems. It replaces the outdated Report Card system with a new assessment tool to weave quality indicators into the licensing rules so that it is a seamless system for parents and providers to navigate.

Under the new law, parents in Tennessee who do not report children missing to law enforcement within 24 hours could be charged with a Class A misdemeanor. It is named after a Sullivan County month-old who was found dead after her mother failed to report her missing to the authorities for months. The legislation was introduced last year in response to a story from Ronda Paulson, founder of the Isaiah House.

Under Tennessee law, DCS was not expected to investigate the well-being of born to parents whose other child had been ly removed from their custody. Eli, much like Isaiah, was subjected to traumatizing levels of abuse.

This legislation helps prevent such tragic situations by creating a legal presumption of possible dependence or neglect of any child born to a parent who had removed from their custody. The court must then immediately schedule a hearing regarding any conceivable effect that the birth may have on the case and consider further action to ensure the safety and well-being of the.

It also provides an individual that knowingly allows to be in the presence of and have accessibility to such drugs as cocaine, methamphetamine or fentanyl will be guilty of severe child abuse. The measure was recommended by Dickson Youth Leadership. Schedule VI drugs are marijuana and its equivalents. Under the new law, offenders are subject to a Class A misdemeanor unless it is 8 years old or under, which would be a Class D felony.

Safe Home for Trafficked Children — A new law was approved to help prevent minors who are victims of Women seeking sex Guild Tennessee trafficking from being prosecuted for prostitution and ensure they are given the care they need to recover. This helps ensure the child can receive any professional assistance they may need and can be removed from a life dictated by abusive traffickers.

It authorizes victims to use force that could result in serious bodily injury or death, even if the victims are Women seeking sex Guild Tennessee in illegal activity or in a location they are not legally allowed to be, if they are in the situation as a result of their status as a human trafficking victim.

Women seeking sex Guild Tennessee

Under the new law, the victim must prove in court they are a victim of human trafficking in order to use deadly force. ly, Tennessee law allowed victims to respond in kind to a reasonable belief of a threat of death or serious bodily injury by using force as self-defense or defense of a third party. However, force was not lawful when used by persons engaged in criminal activity in a location they were not allowed to be or in a location that furthered criminal activity. Often times, victims of human trafficking can be engaged in criminal activity that is largely forced on them by a trafficker, such as manufacturing or selling drugs.

Many victims of human trafficking fear retaliation of violence against them or their families by their traffickers if they report the crime.

Women seeking sex Guild Tennessee

There is also reluctance to report due to embarrassment. By the time victims do report the crime, the statute of limitations could be elapsed and charges cannot be filed. This legislation extends the statute of limitations so that traffickers who traffic children can be brought to justice.

The new law applies to offenders who have been convicted of one or more predatory offenses. In human trafficking cases, it is common for defendants to use their cellphones to communicate through social media or chats to negotiate over a price of a victim.

The legislation authorizes a law enforcement officer, district attorney or deee, or the attorney general or deee to require the disclosure of wire and electronic communications for evidentiary purposes to crack down on human trafficking offenses organized through social media platforms.

Women seeking sex Guild Tennessee

Companies or providers that refuse to comply with the legislation can be punished for contempt of the court. It ensures certain violent or sexual offenders serve percent of the sentence imposed by a judge or jury. The new law affects offenses that historically Women seeking sex Guild Tennessee women and children such as rape, sexual battery, continuous sexual abuse ofsexual battery by an authority figure, incest, promoting prostitution, aggravated child abuse, domestic assault, aggravated sexual exploitation of a minor and trafficking for a commercial sex act.

While the legislation does not remove judicial discretion, it ensures that parole and probation are not options for those found guilty of crimes that fall into these. It aims to help solve cold cases and can also bring justice in instances where a person has been wrongly convicted. Every state has the ability to test DNA post-conviction, and this sets up a similar process for fingerprints, which can be just as important for solving cold cases.

It also requires the offenders to be sentenced to community supervision for life. Jim Coley Protection for Rape Survivors Act — State lawmakers approved the Jim Coley Protection for Rape Survivors Act ofa victim-centered bill that provides more transparency regarding the rape kit backlog process.

It makes sure the handling procedure of rape kits is responsive, reliable and consistent. In addition, the new law requires the TBI to develop and implement an electronic system that tracks the location and status of each rape kit and gives victims access to the system through a tracking. Victims must also be notified 60 days before destruction or disposal of the evidence. The measure ensures child custody rights are removed for those who are convicted or plead guilty to a lesser offense of rape. It adds aggravated statutory rape and statutory rape by an authority figure to the list of offenses for which the offender will be prohibited from having custody rights.

The new law adds a victim is incapable of defense if sexual contact occurs during the course of a consultation, examination, treatment, therapy or other professional service that are provided by a physician, psychologist, psychiatrist, therapist, social worker, nurse, chemical dependency counselor or a member of the clergy.

Rape of by a Juvenile — Legislation aiming to prevent juveniles who Women seeking sex Guild Tennessee sex offenders from reoffending or further traumatizing victims has passed the General Assembly. The measure ensures that a juvenile convicted of conduct that would constitute rape, aggravated rape, rape of or aggravated rape of if committed by an adult cannot work or volunteer at a place that is in close or frequent contact with children.

The new law stems from an incident where a juvenile convicted of raping a 5-year-old boy was volunteering at an elementary school where the victim was zoned to attend. Lifetime Order of Protection — Several important bills were approved before lawmakers adjourned the session to help victims subjected to stalking and domestic violence. This includes a new statute which creates a lifetime order of protection that can be issued to a victim of certain felony offenses to prohibit the offender from coming around or communicating with them. Under this legislation, a victim of a felony offense of assault, criminal homicide, attempted homicide, kidnapping, or sexual offenses may file a petition for a lifetime order of protection against their convicted offender.

It also permits service of ex parte orders of protection for up to one year from issuance. It ensures communication between a victim of domestic violence or sexual abuse and a trained victim advocate remains confidential through statutory protections. Animal Cruelty — Aggravated animal cruelty is a grave crime that includes intentionally killing or causing serious physical harm to a companion animal such as a dog or a cat. State lawmakers approved legislation in to remove barriers to prosecute aggravated animal cruelty cases in Tennessee.

It provides that a person commits aggravated cruelty to animals when, with no justifiable purpose, the person intentionally or knowingly kills, maims, tortures, crushes, burns, drowns, suffocates, mutilates, starves, or otherwise causes serious physical injury, a substantial risk of death, or death to a companion animal. Mail theft is currently charged under existing theft statutes, which applies penalties based on the value of the item stolen.

The first offense will continue to be punished based on the value of the stolen item. However, the legislation stipulates that the second or subsequent offense of mail theft must at least be charged as a Class E felony. Catalytic Converter Theft — Nationwide, police are reporting a surge in thefts of catalytic converters on automobiles. This year, the Tennessee General Assembly approved legislation requiring any person who buys unattached catalytic converters to be registered as a scrap metal dealer in a fixed location business and to track purchases.

In addition, it ensures the person selling a detached catalytic converter provides documentation and identification.

Women seeking sex Guild Tennessee

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