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The Big Island sex forum

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The Big Island sex forum

In fact, they will avoid humans. Short of cornering a mama sow in a fenced area, you don't need to worry about the wildlife. I'd be more worried about human sexual predators. Counted 7 child molestors in Hawaii Paradise Park alone.

The Big Island sex forum

Not including rapists, and sexual battery, and other offenses. This has got to be the highest concentration of sexual predators in the nation How do you people let your kids play outside without watching them like a hawk? Living here is VERY different then being on vacation. The quality and abundance of Puna buds have helped define the character of this rustic town since marijuana replaced sugar as the Big Island district's prime cash crop during the s.

I don't live in or near Puna. But I would say that if people are aware and alert, discerning and observant, they could live anyway in Hawaii. I witness this all day, everyday, almost everywhere. That small screen is not reality, yet folks are oblivious to their neighbor, all the way to who parked next to them in a parking lot. Dreaming of Hawaii. Mikey there are only a couple of posters here who live in Puna. You may get more responses, albeit some crazy, from the Punaweb.

I've never ever felt unsafe day or night, but this is a very rural area. And, yes, we do have wild pigs who roam our neighborhood. Usually mommies and babies. They wreak havoc on the pineapples, mangos, bananas, and just are nuisances in general. The boars stay away from the developed areas. OP, I don't live in Hawaii and never have, so take what I say with a grain of salt. I've visited the Big Island on 5 separate occasions, and it's my favorite of all the Hawaiian islands. Overall, it's much more relaxing than overcrowded Oahu or over-touristy Maui.

And the variety of microclimates is The Big Island sex forum that I find fascinating. As a visitor, it has a lot to offer.

The Big Island sex forum

As a resident? The Big Island sex forum don't know. I like Hilo much more than Kona, because Hilo feels like a real town instead of a tourist trap. Both of those places have the normal services big-box stores, grocery stores, restaurants, etc. Yes, it does rain in Hilo, but it's not a constant drizzle like the Pacific Northwest is known for; it's sunshine or party cloudy, then a spurt of rain, then sunshine or party cloudy, then a spurt of rain.

Some people don't like it, but it doesn't bother me any. As for Puna. East Coasters like myself would compare it to Appalachia. It's not a place that I would want to live. Not to mention, it is more at risk of being overrun by lava than anywhere else on the island. Just recently, Pahoa came thiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiis close to becoming the newest Kalapana.

If you're looking for jungle living without the Puna "eccentricities" then might I suggest taking a look at the Hamakua Coast, which is the area traversed by Highway 19 from Hilo northwest to Honokaa. Again, I'm no expert, but it struck me as being a much less "eccentric" environment than did Puna. However, it's very mountainous, so I don't know about its suitability for growing crops and the like. Another thought might be to consider Waimea, especially the wet eastern side of it.

Much as I love Hilo, it does have a bit of a "weathered" look to it. But Waimea seems to be in much nicer condition. I don't know about prices there, though I've heard that things are less expensive on the wet side than on the dry western side.

Good luck, OP. I think you are right to be concerned about the risk of sexual predators in Puna. You don't want to move someplace to get away from it all, only to find yourself not being able to enjoy it for fear of your kids' safety. I would recommend that you pay a visit -- by yourself. That way, you don't have to worry about your kids or their distractions. Treat the visit as a business trip, your "business" being checking out the various parts of the island and determining your own comfort level.

Yea, we agree, we are headed out there. How's Kurtistown? Sort of out in the middle of nowhere, but it seems to have a lot going for it, like no child molesters for one. I don't mind eccentric. People are fascinating to me. I used to live in The Big Island sex forum Phagnan, in the Gulf of Thailand in my wilder daysand after watching a few Youtube videos with Pahoa, it sort of reminded me of that. I think with young children, it may be just better to make day trips out there, instead of living in it.

I'm looking for a quiet life honestly. Right now, my life is like a rat race, and my friends sometimes tell me I need to turn down the volume, because I'm usually pretty wound up. Maybe it's all the coffee I drink, I don't know. It's hard for me to go visit Hawaii. I haven't even been on a vacation in a decade. I really need one, and keep telling everyone we are just going down for a few months, but honestly, we may never come back to the lower My town is far too crowded, and people just keep pouring in. Really good for business, but man, I don't live in Montana to drive through rush hour traffic, and not be able to find parking spots on a simple trip to the store.

My main problem is that Pahoa is almost misrepresented here in these forums. Even on Youtube videos, it looks so beautiful, which I'm sure it is. I was totally blindsided by that sexual predator map. Just not used to those things I guess. I have lived in high crime areas, but my kids are like my everything, so innocent, so beautiful.

No baggage of a life filled with worry, and stress.

The Big Island sex forum

I want to keep them that way as long as possible. All kids are like that, and it really breaks my heart to think that this abuse happens.

The Big Island sex forum

I had imagined a move out to the jungle with all my tools, truck, and some materials, building my house, building our greenhouse, setting up a farm, and cabins for friends and family to visit Teaching my kids the skills they need to survive on their own. This just really tarnished that vision, and threw a monkey wrench into our plans. I'm still looking BTW, but not near Pahoa.

Still some good neighborhoods in Puna from what I can tell, and if anyone knows of any, let me know! To me, Kurtistown is nothing but a blur as I shoot past it on Highway 11 heading between Hilo and Volcano. Sorry, I can't offer anything more about it. If it's remote jungle living you want, you'll want to focus on the eastern half of the island.

The western half where Kona is is very dry, though there is a good deal of greenery along the coast south of Kona. But really, I think your focus should be from Waimea in the north or, maybe up to Hawi on the extreme northern enddown southeast to Hilo and then down southwest to Volcano. Hilo itself is probably too built-up for your tastes, though you might consider looking mauka uphill along Highway around Kaumana.

You might try Pahala or Naalehu further down to the south, though they may not be as jungle-y as you'd like.

The Big Island sex forum

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