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Onyx Equinox [1] is a Mexican-American animated streaming television series created by Sofia Alexander for Crunchyroll. It is based on the mythologies of Mesoamericafeaturing deities of AztecMaya and Zapotec myth, while also making references to the Olmecs. The series premiered on November 21, To these ends, Quetzalcoatl decides to close the gates to the underworld, but can't due to said gates being made of obsidianwhich is toxic against the gods.

Sex dating in Onyx

So instead he makes a bet with Tezcatlipoca : he will find a human, "the lowest of the low", and crown him his champion so he will close the gates before the equinox, when Tezcatlipoca will kill off humanity. Tezcatlipoca agrees to the bet, but sends his champion Yaotl along as an emissary so Quetzalcoatl doesn't cheat. Undergoing an extended period of "blood draught" and receiving fewer sacrifices of late, the four principal higher gods HuitzilopochtliXipe TotecTezcatlipoca and Quetzalcoatl agree that Mictlantecuhtli's actions constitute drastic measures as his theft may lead to a war with Mictlantecuhtli for human offerings.

To that end, they entrust Quetzalcoatl to close the five gates to the Underworld situated in various locations around Mesoamericacutting Mictlantecuhtli off from further theft of their divine sustenance. Suspect of his intensions due to the latter's manifest family ties in the Underworld, Tezcatlipoca informs Quetzalcoatl that he intends to destroy this era of humanity Sex dating in Onyx the following equinox, but Quetzalcoatl coerces him into a wager: unable to directly work the Olmec obsidian gates himself as they are repellent to gods and mystic beings, he will choose the "lowest of the low" among humans to close them all instead before Tezcatlipoca's deadline.

Sex dating in Onyx

Should said champion manage before then, humanity will be spared. Should they fail, humanity will be destroyed. In either case, the additional prize is the respective winner's human offerings, sentencing the loser to blood starvation. Tezcatlipoca accepts. The show was released on November 21, A trailer was released on June On May 18,Sex dating in Onyx was announced Sentai Filmworks picked up the home video rights.

Ederlyn Peralta of CBR said that the series is unique, with "mesmerizing and highly-detailed character des for the gods" of Mesoamerican culture and noted that while it is an adult animation, due to the "gore, profanity and sexual content," it, in their opinion, fails to have "quality character development for Izel and his comrades," and reported that some viewers believe that the protagonists are annoying and unlikeable because of their "whining.

Thomas and Jones had one criticism, not of the show, but of Crunchyroll, asking why the show did not have English subtitlesleading one of the reviewers to watch using the Spanish subtitles instead. Melissa Camacho of family-oriented non-profit Common Sense Media noted the "brutal violence" and nudity in the series while calling it "an adult-oriented anime series set in ancient Mesoamerican history" with a "great plot" that is "worthy of your time. Onyx Equinox Promotional poster. Action Adventure Science fantasy. Tiger Animation DR Movie. June 25, Retrieved June 25, September 5, Retrieved September 5, Three If By Space.

Sex dating in Onyx

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Sex dating in Onyx

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Download as PDF Printable version. Promotional poster. United States Mexico. Sofia Alexander Margaret M. Allison Monterosso Marisa Balkus. Don Devine Katherine Duffy. HDTV p. November 21, — Present. November 21, Nelli willingly insists on taking his place and is sacrificed in the city temple as a horrified Izel watches. In his grief, Izel leaps into the well by the temple in an attempt at suicide and reconciliation with Nellionly to be touched by a mysterious Underworld creature moments before he can cross through the gate, an act which inadvertently restores him to life, changing his eye colour to blue.

Before he can drown again, Izel is rescued by a mystical panther which proclaims that the scrawny boy is a poor choice for humanity's apparent saviour. November 28, December 5, December 12, December 19, December 26,

Sex dating in Onyx

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