Saint Louis hot girls

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For ladies who feel like Washington Avenue has left them in the lurch when it comes to girl-friendly bars, don't fear: Blondie's is here.

Saint Louis hot girls

Gone are the days when your only option on the strip is a bar offering sports or stout. Blondie's Washington, gives off a warm, feminine, inviting light that begs you to enter this brand spanking new "wine and coffee bar. Blondie's has only officially been open for a week or so, after a soft opening of sorts.

Saint Louis hot girls

It's cozy, sexy, and celebrates women—super hot Hollywood bombshells to be specific. The drinks here are named after alluring dames of the silver screen, like Harlow Jean and Brigitte Bardot. This place is perfect for a night out with the girls. But guys should feel welcome too, especially when on a date.

Offering mood lighting extraordinaire and cozy places to canoodle, Blondies is poised to become a first-date hot spot. It also has a great convertible appeal: Meet for a "safe" coffee and if the feeling is mutual, make a night of it and while away the evening with wine. And with winter's breathy snarl getting way too close for comfort, remember Blondie's when your day gets blue.

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Saint Louis hot girls Saint Louis hot girls

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