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The Intramural Sports Program is deed to provide currently enrolled PSU students, faculty and staff members an opportunity for experiential learning through participation in organized activities. Participating in the intramural sports program is a great opportunity to develop the essential qualities of leadership, cooperation, communication, planning, self-reliance, and a sense of fair play, while having a good time. We strive to encourage lifelong recreation skills, to integrate participants socially in an athletic setting, and to foster a spirit of sportsmanship and fair play among participants and spectators.

To accomplish this goal, the Intramural Sports Program offers a variety of team, individual, and dual activities. Individuals and teams participating in the PSU Intramural Sports Program should do so with the attitude that good sportsmanship is an integral part of the activity. Create an IMLeaguesor to your existing. Click the "Get Involved" button in the upper right to see the list of sports currently available.

You'll then be taken to that league's dashboard, where you'll see all of the scheduled time slots. Depending on what you would like to do, you can:. If you haven't yet, you'll be promoted to take the Player's Quiz, a multiple choice test to ensure that you know Intramural Sports policies and the rules of your specific sport.

You'll need to answer all the questions correctly. You can retake the test until you pass. When you have successfully ed a team, you may be prmopted to pay for your IM pass by credit card. Your pass allows you to play on as many teams as you choose. up is open for the sports listed below! A captain is the individual who organizes an intramural team and registers it to be placed in a league, or tournament.

Captains are responsible for:. Contact Brett. Give to Pitt State. Intramural Sports. Up. Pick your sport and league. The all campus point system has been updated. Teams must have a 3. Here are a few of the major changes incorporated to help increase the participation rate and lessen the amount of forfeits that Opolis KS cheating wives program has had in the past. Make sure you have enough reliable players before registering a team.

Supervised or Officiated events are events that have a officials or a supervisor there to officiate or supervise the event. ID Policy. No other form of ID will be accepted.

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The reason for this is to make sure all participants are eligible to participate under Intramural Sports policies and procedures. There are two ways to create an IM Leagues. Click the Registration link and with your GUS credentials. information, and use your School if applicable pittstate. You will be sent an activationclick the link in the to and activate your IMLeagues. Click Registration. to your IMLeagues. The current sports will be displayed, click on the sport you wish to. Any invited members must accept the invitation to be ed to your team.

Accepting a request from the captain to his team. You will be visible to all members of the site and can request to teams, or post information about yourself so teams can request to add you to their team. Intramural events are subject to weather and availability of facilities. The Intramural Sports department will do everything possible to get the competitions completed as scheduled. If you would like to participate in activity not listed please e-mail the Intramural Department at intramurals pittstate. Sports Offered. Intramural Sports Policies.

Participation in the program is voluntary; individuals assume responsibility for their own health and safety. All individuals who intend to participate in vigorous sports should, for their own protection, have a physical examination to determine that they are physically able to participate.

Medical insurance, which would cover expenses incurred in the event of injury is not provided by PSU and is strongly recommended. Making sure their team knows their scheduled game time and days of play, and arrives at the proper time. Checking the eligibility for each of their teammates prior to allowing them to participate on their team Making sure each of its teams players participate on only one team during the season, or tournament.

Ensuring their team or anyone affiliated with the team has appropriate conduct at all times. Making teammates aware that PSU does not provide accident insurance for injuries that occur during Intramural Sports activities. Click the Registration link on the left hand side of the and with your GUS credentials. Go to www. Only students who pay activity fees are eligible to participate.

There are no exceptions to the ID policy. Decisions relating to eligibility are at the discretion of the Assistant Director. Any player participating in any intramural contest must be listed on the official team roster. Players may be added on the roster by pm the day of play. Participants that are not on the roster by pm will not be allowed to participate. For players to be eligible for postseason tournaments an individual must have checked into play in one game Opolis KS cheating wives the end of the regular season. A player removed from any intramural contest by any Intramural Staff member, for any reason, is suspended indefinitely from all Intramural Sports and must personally seek reinstatement from the Assistant Director of Intramural Sports.

Team captains are responsible for checking the eligibility of their own players and should refer questionable cases to the Assistant Director of Intramural Sports. Classification Eligibility Undergraduate Students: All activity fee paying undergraduate degree-seeking or full-time students are eligible to participate in the intramural sports program. Graduate Students: Activity fee paying full-time graduate students, including those with staff appointments, are eligible to participate in the intramural sports program.

Faculty and Staff Members: Full-time faculty and staff members are eligible to participate in the intramural sports program. Part-Time Students: Activity fee paying part-time undergraduate and graduate students are eligible to participate in the intramural sports program. Qualified Admission Students: Activity fee paying qualified admission students are eligible to participate in the intramural sports program.

Eligibility Restrictions Club Sports Team Members: Club Sport athletes, who are recognized by the Student Activities Opolis KS cheating wives active members of a club, will be limited in their participation within Intramural Sports. Varsity Award Winners: Any participant who was a member of a varsity squad at Pitt State, or any other college or university, is therefore ineligible for intramural competition in that sport for a period of one full academic semester.

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An academic semester is defined as: fall, spring, or summer semester in that order. Any individual who attends the university on athletic scholarship, works out with the varsity squad, or is red-shirted shall be considered as a Varsity Squad Member. Varsity Squad Members: The following rules apply to members of varsity squ: No member of a varsity squad shall be allowed to compete in any intramural sport between the first and last Pitt State varsity game or meet in his or her sport.

Any individual who is dropped or retired by the coach from a varsity squad shall become eligible for intramural competition only by petitioning and getting favorable action on his or her written petition by the Intramural Sports Administrative staff.

Eligibility Protest Any protest concerning eligibility in a contest in which the protesting team participated must be logged by pm noon the day following the contest. When protesting eligibility, a team must protest a specific individual s. Entire teams cannot be "blanketed" by protest.

Intramural Staff should be informed of the protest or any ineligible participants as soon as it occurs.

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All protests must be submitted in writing using the official protest form which may be obtained from an Intramural Sports supervisor at game site, in the Intramural Sports Office, or may be printed off the web at www. All eligibility protests should be submitted with all information that is vital to the protest. Information such as individuals' name, assumed name, or other team participated for. The more information that can be supplied to the Intramural Sports Office, the more accurate the ruling on the protest. Men are eligible to play only for the hall in which they reside.

Women are eligible to play only for the hall in which they reside. If a team cannot attend a scheduled contest and no way exists to reschedule, the Intramural Sports staff can agree to the cancellation of the match. A team can only request to cancel a game once during a given season.

A representative of the team must complete a cancellation form at the Intramural Sports Office prior to am the day of the contest. For games scheduled for Sunday, cancellations must be cleared before am on the preceding Friday. The Intramural Sports staff attempt to contact the other scheduled team to inform them of the cancellation.

If a team must request to cancel more than one game, they will have the option to either remove themselves from the league and incur a said forfeit or drop fee. A decision of whether to play or cancel games will be made at pm the day of the inclement weather.

The Intramural Sports supervisor may cancel games, if necessary, after pm. The Intramural staff will attempt to contact captains about rescheduled games due to inclement weather, but it is ultimately the captains responsibility to check themselves. Once a League or Tournament has been created, the schedule will not be changed unless approved by the Assistant Director of Intramural Sports. Rescheduling is limited to available time, space, and personnel. The Intramural Sports staff can agree to the rescheduling of an Intramural Sports team contest.

A contest can only be rescheduled by the agreement of representatives from both teams. A representative of both teams must complete a Rescheduling form at the Intramural Sports Office prior to am the day of the contest. This is Opolis KS cheating wives make activities safe and enjoyable for the players while attempting to maintain the identity of the game.

Opolis KS cheating wives

The rules of each sport will be discussed at the captain's meeting for that sport and are also available on the Intramural Sports web at www. The scorecard is the official record of score, rosters, and. The first and last names of a team's current roster will be printed on the scorecards. The score, as noted on the scorecard, shall be considered final unless a protest has been filed. The Team Captain or captain's deee has the responsibility of ensuring that: The score is correct.

The correct winner has been noted. The roster is correct and complete, i. By ing the scorecard, the captain indicates that the scorecard is complete and accurate. Should the scorecard not be ed, the captain assumes the responsibilities for any inaccuracies. Protests based on misinterpretation of the rules must be made by the team captain, manager, or their deee. Judgment calls by an official may not be protested. The protest must be made to the game official immediately following the misinterpretation and prior to the next play or live ball.

If the team continues to play, the protest will NOT receive consideration. If the team captain is dissatisfied with the explanation of the ruling, the Intramural Sports supervisor should be called to the game site. The supervisor shall determine that the protest involves a rule interpretation and not the officials' judgment. The supervisor will then assist the team in filling out the protest form with all pertinent game information score, time, possession, etc. The team shall state the Opolis KS cheating wives of the protest. The opposing team shall be informed that the game is being played under protest.

The Intramural Sports Office will rule on protests upon the following business day by pm. If the protest involves a game in single elimination playoffs, the ruling will be made by pm. The ruling will be sent, in writing or by to the team captains involved. All teams should arrive at least 15 minutes prior to the scheduled start of the game to check in with the Intramural site supervisor, complete the scorecard, and get the necessary equipment for the game. The Intramural Sports staff maintains the official time at each activity area. The "ready-to-play" rule for intramural team activities calls for each team to have a minimum of players present and to have its lineup properly recorded on the official scorecard.

Opolis KS cheating wives

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