Looking for older man to please me

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in. Older men remained an unexplored territory until my mid twenties.

Looking for older man to please me

Dating in can be challenging e specially in New York City. These applications have marginalized sex and its casualties. Single Manhattanites have turned the dating scene into a s game. Yet, it is socially acceptable for both men and women to indulge in casual sex on a weekly basis with various partners.

So, why is having sex with a man twice your age still considered taboo? I genuinely find this bizarre, and not only because I come from Europe, where having older partners has been acceptable for centuries. Of course, sex is a different experience with every partner you have Looking for older man to please me with.

I did not make it my mission to share this story with you. It happened by chance. My first romantic encounter with an older man was electric. He was refined, intelligent, cultured, and intuitive— a true man. Initially, I thought he was the only one to have these impressive traits. A few months later, I met another man unexpectedly at a bar on the Upper West Side.

And, much to my amazement, he was just as refined, cultured, and intelligent. Spending time with them was exhilarating. So needless to say when they took me to bed, at first I was nervous and apprehensive. However, as soon as I got naked they found a way to make me feel relaxed and comfortable. As a matter of fact, the first time I ever had an orgasm during sex was with a man twice my age, and it kept happening with most older chaps after that. I can only speak from my past experiences; this might not be true for every older man, and I cannot affirm that this applies for older women.

It has simply been the case for me. Most of my friends had the same frowning expression on their faces when they found out I was dating men twenty to thirty years older than me. I laughed. And answered:. Older men are much more passionate, giving, and obsessed with making you come first. Most of them are confident in their performance and they want to please you — the sex is steamy and mind-friggin-blowing, whereas men, or should I say boys in their mid twenties are still on the search for the elusive clitoris.

Here are a few reasons why having sex with older men will turn your frown upside-down. Admit it! Their technique is different, they understand that there is more to the female body than her boobs and clitoris. All of my sexual love affairs with these old chaps were unique. Older and well established silver foxes have had the opportunity in their life to date the swimsuit models and bombshell actresses — been there, done that.

They are not so attached to physical traits as younger guys are. They embrace your flaws because they know there is more to it. They are in awe at every inch of you. This easiness makes it an incredible experience sexually. I was aroused by a simple stare, a caress in between my thighs or even a soft kiss.

My pulse and Looking for older man to please me would quicken and my skin would become flushed. They understand the importance of foreplay. Out of my 26 years on this fine planet, I have spent 25 of them orgasm-less having average sex with below average partners that cared very little for my fresh, peach-looking vagina. Most of my partners were terrible at oral sex but required me to be better than that girl they saw on porn tube channels. Beginners tend to skip the foreplay, the sensitive touching and licking. I know, I was almost married to a guy like that.

My first real foreplay was with a woman, and I climaxed like never before. It was amazing, my entire body shivered as her tongue caressed my inner thighs. With her, I just let myself go and accepted the attraction and trusted the feelings I had, and we had life-changing sex as a result of that. Plus, we were both straight or simply bi-curious, but there we were, having awesome sex, which made it even hotter.

With experience, men finally understand that it takes a women extra time to get to that level of arousal which will ultimately lead her to orgasm. Consequently, all of their attention is focused on pleasing you — AKA, the way it should be! Constructive sexual feedback.

Looking for older man to please me

Again, because an older man has probably been married before or at least been in a long term relationship, he knows how to communicate in a constructive way. He expresses himself in a way that makes him a better partner. A good communicator goes hand in hand with a good listener. Can you believe it? An older man gets aroused when you take the lead. Dates with older men are first class every time.

For instance, I have been seeing this man on and off for a few months, and each time I feel extremely excited. I am aware that this is not an actual relationship but rather something mutually beneficial. As soon as I step out of the elevator on the 48th floor overseeing Central Park, he greets me with my favorite tequila on the rocks and wraps his arms around me.

He is enamoured with every inch of me and it feels amazing. These men have set the bar very high for me. The romance and conversations are stimulating, deep, and sometimes erotic. These sexual love affairs have changed my perception of dating. This experience has taught me how to feel sexy, confident, and overall wanted. All of these men have created a world of exceptions, and consequently I learned how a man should always make me feel.

So ladies, give the older man a try. A date. A sexual encounter. I can almost guarantee that he will rock your world. Set aside the younger boys, and their reindeer games. Casual Relationships, Yes. Casual Sex, Not Really. Amateur writer, essayist and poet of love, avid dreamer, and lunatic with a seething brain. Get started. Open in app. Endless Feels. in Get started. Get started Open in app. More from Endless Feels Follow.

Looking for older man to please me

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Looking for older man to please me

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