Looking for fun legit

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Independently owned. Opinions are ours. Reviews are from legit customers. We may earn money from affiliate links to support and feed our families. Although not a Better Business Bureau rated business in their Fun. From costumes to unique shoes, there isn't another website out right now that can match the kind of items that are being sold here at this time. PROS for Fun. Whether you are in need of plush toys, bobbing head comic dolls, t-shirts or costumes, then this is the place for you.

The items that they sell are ideal for gift ideas to your loved ones while there are also party decorations being sold here for the complete experience. Their customer service representatives are very helpful according to the Fun. CONS for Fun. This means that you will have to pay extra besides the shipping rate and other expenses.

Decide on Fun was a huge disappointment to me. I ordered what was supposed to be a stained glass suncatcher from their site. What I received was a piece of plastic, colored different colors. NO WAY could the sun ever get through this cheap piece of plastic. Do not buy absolutely anything from this company.

Their customer service are literal demons from hell. There can be no worse customer service on the planet Earth or represented by the evils of any stories or religions across the globe and civilization. Ive ordered the same sweater from these people 3 times now, once I was Looking for fun legit the wrong size, made to return it shipped back myself, they didnt give me the right amount of money back as credit, then I ordered another one after complaining back and forth without a single budge on their part.

Paid MORE money to get the size I returned it to get, and was made to pay for shipping already a third time now. Received that order and was charged a huge customs fee I am in Canada because these people declared the value of my package INCLUDING the shipping price which is utterly wrong … so i contested the duties. And it got sent back to them… they told me they had received it back again, asked me if I wanted it shipped back to me or a refund. I asked them I want it shipped back, Looking for fun legit within the same day they said my sweater was already sent back into the warehouse and they had no more of the size I had ordered, in stock.

They wont budge and inch in making any kind of effort to help me out with their terrible service, products, support, shipping, nothing. Anyone who works for this company, and I have a few names, Drake I, Joline N, Eric L shouldnt just be ashamed, but they should quit and burn down the building wherever this company and its warehouse is. Every year my family and I purchase a new board game for Thanksgiving.

We ordered Games of Thrones Chess set from fun. I received and saying it had been delivered. I went out and realized it had not. I replied to .

Looking for fun legit

I also contacted Live Chat. Live chat person reassured me it was at my local post office and I would get tomorrow. Then I received another informing me UPS had delivered to the incorrect address. I called and the rep I spoke to was rude and unsympathetic. She told me I would have to call my local post office and try to locate item on my own. Then she blatantly lied to me telling me the address changed through their validating system.

Looking for fun legit

She was apologetic and attempted again to make it my responsibility to locate the package. We went in circles, until finally I demanded a refund. She ignored my request three times, she instead continued to speak over me in an attempt to bully me. She got upset that her efforts were going no where and asked me to hold for a manager.

Looking for fun legit

A manager never came to phone and after holding for some time the same rep came on and told me they would refund me. She asked if she could help with anything else I asked for the transaction and for her it to me as well.

Beyond Disappointed. Are you kidding me?

Looking for fun legit

I am beyond mad about this, I may escalate this to a lawyer just so this company feels some pressure for being this large pieces of worthless human filth. I have purchased from Fun. Bought a product before christmas for my partner and it didnt even last 90 days before part of it fell off. Contacted them straight away to inform them and ask for a replacement and have been told that company policy states no returns after 30 days.

COM They are a complete waste of time and have no customer service. Absolutely disgusting lack of customer satisfaction. I ordered heated vests used the sizing chart. Received them never was told the warmer batteries are a separate purchase and then the vests are two sizes to small. Asked to return they are trying to refus to let turn the vests. They are making every excuse not to get them returned. Save my name,and website in this browser for the next time I comment. At BestLegitReviews. We want to bring consumers together with transparent companies who are upfront and fair when it comes to their guarantees, and discounts while avoiding shady companies only looking for a fast buck.

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Looking for fun legit

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