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First of all, erase from your mind the image of Sharon Stone, icy sex goddess. This was evident moments into a recent Zoom call, when Stone, ing on from her home in West Hollywood, stumbled in with the teleconferencing equivalent of a pratfall, shocked at her own ability to get the sound working.

When we spoke, Stone, in hoop earrings and pink lip gloss, had just received a coveted book endorsement—from Oprah Winfrey—and was in disbelief. How have you been spending your days in quarantine? In every one of my paintings, I had these tiny little dots. I feel strongly that we all have to have some kind of faith in something—nature, the way we see God. You have to find your love language. When I got famous, [my publicist] Cindi [Berger] called me. It was a physical onslaught, what happened to me. I had the kind of fame where people chase you down the street, and stores have to lock the doors and hide you.

People get on the top of your car until the car actually caves in, and they rip off the rearview mirrors and the plates, and SWAT teams are called. So that will introvert a gal. When you had the stroke, your right vertebral artery tore, and you write Can i fuck sharon you had a one-per-cent chance of survival. How did you think about your own mortality? Nobody was communicating with me. I think about it scientifically. I bled so much into my subarachnoid space that my brain was literally shoved into the front of my face.

The right side of my face fell from the pressure. I feel almost like my DNA shifted. I was a sort of curvaceous, full kind of person, and I lost eighteen per cent of my body mass. I never liked curry, and then it became one of my favorite things.

Can i fuck sharon

Food I really liked I became allergic to, medicines I became allergic to, all kinds of things changed. I had this feeling of calm, even though everything was going wrong. It was a strange feeling of being protected: if I was living, I was living for a reason. How long did it take you to start acting again, and, when you did, did you have to use your body differently in front of the camera? I got some jobs here and there. But no matter why you step out of the business—somebody dies, you get hurt, you go to prison—you go Can i fuck sharon the back of the line. Robin Williams started over.

John Travolta started over. At the time you had the stroke, you were also in your forties, a notoriously difficult age for women in Hollywood. For what reason, really? That might stop some of the killing and craziness! I just felt like I need to start making some of my own decisions, instead of just constantly having to play the villain. All I do is endless philanthropic and humanitarian stuff. In your book, you say you originally wanted to be a director and then realized that it was not a profession that was welcoming to women.

Is that something you might consider again? I presented an initiative to the Aspen Institute a couple days ago. Sometimes I go to The Hague, and I really like that. But my kids and I are really enjoying each other.

Can i fuck sharon

Like, thirty-five years ago, when I first came here. It was very good. Now, I have zero belief that she should have run for President. I thought that was silly. What she does is something wholly and completely different. So many things. But what I realize now is that so many of us are odd. Go ahead! Go get it! I was too tall. What else? I mean, honestly, everything. I was a social disaster, like I still am, because I tell the truth constantly.

You mention, as an aside, that you got struck by lightning as a teen-ager? Yes, and so did my dad. We had this gigantic oak tree, and it was where he Can i fuck sharon hung the deer that he shot, from my swing. He was out there, and he got struck by lightning. The well got hit with lightning, and the lightning came up through the water. And it threw me—literally picked me up off my feet and threw me across the kitchen—and my back hit the refrigerator. It knocked me out, and my mother came over and just belted me to bring me to.

And she grabbed me and threw me in the car and took me to the hospital. I have a prolapsed valve, that thing that does this. I had to keep going back and get EKGs for a couple of weeks, because I kept measuring this really erratic electricity in my body. A lot of really wild things seem to happen to you, like that time your ex-husband got attacked by a Komodo dragon at the Los Angeles Zoo. That was horrific. He wanted to go see this thing.

And then a couple of years ago, I was driving away from my house, and there was a Komodo dragon walking up the street. Kids, roll up the windows! Only in Beverly Hills. I thought, clearly these things must be my ancient protectors from another lifetime. I must have been some kind of queen of their region. Most women do not actually have dragons around their moat, but I have these Komodo dragons wherever the hell I go.

Can i fuck sharon

The weirdest shit does happen to me. I witness every weird car accident. Drunk guys smash their motorcycles and slide down past my car window. Did you structure the book that way for a reason? This is probably going to make no sense at all. I have this poem I want to show you. The girl in the room was wearing the dress that I wore when I went to get my I. What we know is that it was a big trigger moment for me, that I saw a kid in my dress being abused.

I came to understand that my abuse started really, really young. My grandfather threatened to kill me constantly. My sister referred me to my trauma therapist, so she has really helped me a lot, but I believe my sister deserves the time and space to come to her own story.

When I followed up with Sharon Stone about whether her sister knew what would be in the book, she referred me to her lawyer. I was talking to Oprah about this the other day: truth does change as we come to understand ourselves and others. I was the oppressed, fucked-up, tormented person.

Can i fuck sharon

And then you put it down, and people start to get upset. I am going to be proud of my own survival, proud of my own ability to move forward, proud of being able to talk to my own mother and get her to talk to me. I was their maid and laundress. I walked two miles a day to school. I had two skirts and two sweaters. I had nothing. This is what my life was. Not abused, not abandoned, not ashamed.

Can i fuck sharon

Without a secret. It was terrifying to look into the shadow self and to release it onto film for the world to see. And people thought I was like that, and that was part of why I lost primary custody [of my oldest son, Roan]. It was already out before I got married. No one else made a decision to get married? No one else made a decision to have children? You say that you were sleepwalking during the shoot. Why did it take such a psychic toll? Believe me, it was taking a toll on everybody.

There was tremendous pressure on that set. Now people walk around showing their penises on Netflix, but, in the olden days, what we were doing was very new. This was a feature film for a major studio, and we had nudity, sex, homosexuality, all these things that, in my era, were breaking norms. Thank God for Michael Douglas. He really cares about everything he does.

Can i fuck sharon

People would interview me immediately after seeing the film—these knee-to-knee interviews, literally sitting twelve inches away—and they were afraid of me.

Can i fuck sharon

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